Frozen Fates Card Night 


Meet the characters from the book Shivered and enjoy casino night at 

Cassandra's Country Inn

Frozen Fates Karaoke 


Join the characters as they sing their favorite tunes

 in the book Shivered

The Sheriff And Ghost Mug

Meet the sheriff of Shivered and two of

 Kyle's favorite ghost

Author Logo Shivered Mug

My author logo featuring 

my mom and dad

Author Logo/Shivered 


Author Logo t-shirt with

 the book Shivered on the back

             Frozen Fates                   Gang Playing Cards

Join the entire gang for a night of cards at 

Cassandra's Country Inn

Frozen Fates Gang Mug

Share a cup of coffee 

(or hot chocolate if you dare) 

with the characters of Cassandra's Country Inn

The Sheriff Of Shivered, Tennessee

Meet the sheriff of Shivered, Tennessee

 and Kyle's two favorite ghost

Don't Go


When Love Reaches Beyond 

The Grave