Meet The Characters In The Books

The Sheriff Of Shivered Tennessee

R.D. Blevins

The Characters In Shivered

Sesailee Morris, Steve Strittmatter, Cynthia Morrow, Lavivian Hagan, Cindy Etta Hagan, Rick Hagan, Jamie Huse, Brenda Menifee, Cassie Cooper, Myself, & Cindy Blevins

The Characters In Shivered

Brenda Hutton, Patricia Noack, Candace Woodruff, Shannon Wright, Callie Duhon, Jill Ecker, Loretta Cobb, Irma Rios, & LaDonna Koehne

The Sheriff And The Ghosts

Dondi Morrow, RD Blevins, & Charlie Hanks

Elaine True Love Never Dies

Eddie & Elaine