Elaine Brazda was devastated by the loss of her husband and soul mate, Eddie. After three months of isolating herself away from her family and friends, Eddie’s death started to haunt her. His sweet daily romantic gestures that once made Elaine smile are now used to torment her.

Elaine decided to leave her home in Pinehurst, Texas, and reopen a bakery that her grandmother, Annie, left her in Newark, New Jersey. Eddie and Elaine always

dreamed of opening a bakery, so she kept the name they decided on, Eddie and Elaine’s Sweet Treats.

After a month of renovations and hiring her bakery crew, it was the day that she had been dreaming of, Grand Opening Day. Unfortunately, that was also the day Elaine’s dream quickly ended, and a series of frightening supernatural events began.

Elaine’s grandmother left a hot pink rotary phone on the wall that Elaine decided to keep in memory of her. An old colorful character by the name of Mrs. Gulley knew the history of the phone. She told Elaine that the phone belonged to an old voodoo queen in New Orleans, Louisiana. Elaine liked Mrs. Gulley, but there was more to her than meets the eye! Was the phone magical? Or Cursed?

Elaine soon found out about the phone and that true love never dies! The promise that Eddie had engraved on her gold heart locket, Elaine, I will never leave you, Eddie, was real, and she knew that Eddie Always Kept His Promise!


Kyle Parks was driving down I-75 through Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Atlanta, Georgia, when he looked into his rearview mirror. Suddenly, a loud horn blasted from an eighteen-wheeler and startled him. In the blink of an eye, a terrified Kyle was no longer on the interstate but on a narrow, icy two-lane road leading up a steep mountain to a town called Shivered. He heard that a heavy snowstorm was approaching the area and desperately needed a place to stay. Kyle stumbled upon Cassandra’s Country Inn. After such a horrific day, he thought it could not get any worse and was relieved when he arrived at the Inn. However, little did he know that the worst was yet to come.

Kyle got away with murder all of his life, but there’s an old saying that what goes around comes around, and he found out the hard way just how true this is.