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Frozen Fates

Kyle Parks had always been a master of deception, weaving his way through life with secrets buried deep within him. But on that fateful day, as he raced down I-75 through Chattanooga and glanced into his rearview mirror, his world shifted. A horn blared loudly, jolting him from his comfort, and in a heartbeat, the familiar interstate transformed into an eerie, icy road leading to the unknown town of Shivered.

He stumbled upon Cassandra’s Country Inn. Exhausted and seeking solace from the horrors of the day, he found temporary relief in its welcoming embrace.

But little did he suspect that the worst was yet to unravel. Fate, like an ethereal force, had other plans for him. For all the lives he had taken with impunity, he would soon discover the harrowing truth: that what goes around, comes around. And it would be in Shivered that his sins would catch up to him, in ways beyond his darkest imaginings.

In the ethereal realm of the paranormal, where justice takes its own twisted form, Kyle Parks would come face-to-face with his own macabre destiny.

Don't Go

The memories of her deceased husband haunted Elaine, driving her to make a life-changing decision. She resolved to leave her old life behind, embark on a new journey, and reopen her grandmother’s bakery in New Jersey. Little did she know that this decision would lead her to an extraordinary discovery that would forever change her life.

While exploring the bakery, Elaine stumbled upon a peculiar hot pink telephone hanging on the wall. This seemingly ordinary phone held a secret that only one person knew – a colorful character named Gail. As Elaine delved deeper into the mysteries surrounding the phone, she soon discovered that it possessed a magical power to reach into the realm where the lines between life and death blurred.

Is the phone cursed or magical? Could she really be reunited with her true love, her deceased husband? Does it have the ability to reach beyond the grave?

This enchanting tale will leave you on the edge of your seat, questioning the existence of magic and the power of love.


Rosie's Rage

Rosie and Charlie Fontenot live in the small Louisiana town of DeRidder, in the Pecan Grove Mobile Home Park. The same place where nine little girls (ages four to six) are missing from. Rosie with her flamboyant southern personality may appear harmless, just another old lady, but looks can be deceiving.

Rosie's mind could never get over the traumatic event of Charlie having an affair, thirty-eight years ago. Charlie's infidelity triggered Rosie's psychotic murderous rage, leaving behind a long trail of horrific events and buried secrets 

Julie's Deadly Wishes

Julie Corns felt trapped in her dull, boring life in Portsmouth, Ohio. That was until the day when Julie and her sister Shannon Wright, stumbled upon an old mahogany mirror while they were cleaning out their deceased mom's basement. The mirror was originally owned by their great-great-grandmother, Emily, in 1920. Hidden inside a secret compartment, was Emily's diary and a three-pearl necklace on a leather cord, but it came with a warning that the mirror would own your soul after the third wish. Julie was desperate to change her life, and despite what was written in the diary and the warning from her psychic friend Charlotte, Julie made her wish. Julie's first wish came true making her appearance and her life drastically change. So much so, that her old friend Irma Rios felt like someone else has taken Julie's place, but who? They decided to go to Lake Charles, Louisiana, and it was there that the new Julie emerged, unleashing horror at whatever man crossed her path. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? 


On a dead-end road named Hollow Lane, in the small Texas town of Buna, stood two houses. The first house was a beautiful country farmhouse, and that is the place that Izabelle ( Izzy) Crown bought and called her forever home. Izzy was eager to start her new life and leave her past behind, but her hopes were quickly shattered as her perfect dream home turned into a hellish nightmare when something evil started to terrorize her. That's when she met Billy Savoie, her neighbor. A seven-foot-high privacy fence that surrounded the Savoie's house kept the family and their secrets secluded, but Izzy felt drawn to Billy and his house. The house was identical to the home that she shared with her parents when she was a young girl. Horrific and supernatural events continued to traumatize Izzy, forcing her to question her sanity and seek comfort in Billy's arms. Izzy soon realized that the house on Hollow Lane is a place that you'll never leave and some things never die!